Friday, July 30, 2010

Catch-Up, Hold the Fries


Does my Blogger dashboard deceive me, or has it really been nearly a week since my last updates? Not only did I admittedly fall a little short of my goal of getting three photo posts in Sunday morning, but I’ve clearly been too busy even to follow through later in the week! Bad bunny blogger. Facebook hasn’t exactly been helping matters either, with my close friends Will, Plot, and Califia keeping me on my toes with all their exciting updates and encouraging me to do likewise. But all aside, I’m now fully refreshed and ready to jump back into blogging!

Our little Saturday luncheon with Mira and Patricia at Ruby Tuesday went so well! This was the first time in a while that Kath and Mira had had the chance to discuss everything and nothing, and so they did. They exchanged book and music recommendations, discussed things that had made them laugh recently, and planned to do it all again soon – all over Ruby’s pasta parmesan, chicken quesadillas, and a savory New York cheesecake finish to share. In other words, they really had a great time!


I was SO glad to meet with Patricia, and I learned a lot more about her background and personal tastes. It turns out she’s named for Mira’s kind older friend who gave her as a gift, and on hearing from Patricia “the gift” what an artistically inclined, animal-loving person Patricia “the giver” was, I became just as interested in meeting her. Another thing I found out that I probably should’ve known earlier: Patricia is one of those Glo-E bears that were popular a few years back! Mira was kind enough to help demonstrate her special skill while we waited for our table. When she pressed Patricia’s paw, her body glowed from white to a beautiful fluorescent red, green, and blue! I asked her if she thought her skill had ever helped her in dark situations, but she assured me that she knew where she was going most of the time.


Like Mira, Patricia is an avid proponent of all the arts, and she and some of Mira’s other stuffies (or “fiber-based friends”) have formed their own symphony orchestra and love to put on shows! I hear they pulled off a lavishly spectacular performance last Christmas for the family, and word is beginning to form that they’re planning another for the fall! While I’ll always be a “rocker” at heart, I can’t help but be entranced by a classical performance. I asked her to keep me posted so that perhaps some of us at Parsnip might enjoy an evening of musical enrichment in the near future!

Our luncheon concluded on a very happy note when we all exchanged gifts – little did we know the girls would have something for us, too! They both adored their bracelets and charms. In sympathy for all Kath and I had been through concerning her health and as encouragement for us both to press on, they completely surprised us with a Build-A-Bear bag with a new robe and bedding inside! I couldn’t believe it!


When we arrived home, Prudence was eager as ever to know how everything went, and when I showed her the robe and bedding, she couldn’t believe her eyes – we’d finally been able to procure something she could use for her trundle! She loves the pink and striped accents, and she says the back bedroom already feels so much “homier” with their addition! Thank you so much, Mira and Patricia!

In other news, and much to our dismay, the bowling trip fell through for the second time in a row! We’re hoping the third week will bring the charm, though!

Okay, so now I’m back to trying for a post every other day! I can do this! (Why wouldn’t I? Blogging is the best!)


  1. Sounds like you had a good time. I think Patricia is a brave bear, I would get all freaked out if I changed colour.

  2. You have your very own bed?! How cool!

  3. Hi Sullivan! Yes, we indeed had a wonderful time. I agree; though changing color would be a great skill to have in the dark, I'm quite fine with how I am.

    Hi Marlowe! Yes, we do, and Prudence and I sleep so well in it every night! :)

  4. From Patricia Bear
    Hi Emmi Jade. Miranda and I have been wearing the bracelets all week. We love your blog! Prudence looks like great in the pink clothes. We're glad you are sharing with her.

  5. Looks like a lovely adventure, and Prudence's trundle looks GREAT with the new bedding. Glad you had a great time.

    Don't beat yourself up about sometimes falling behind on blogging. It's better to be out doing stuff than to be home typing about doing stuff, and then just catch up when you can. IMHO, anyway. Good luck with the bowling trip. Third time's a charm!

  6. Hi guys!

    Patricia: I had SO much fun with you, and I'm so glad you're enjoying the bracelets! Thanks! Yes, Prudence couldn't be happier with her new robe and bedding. It's all thanks to you! :D

    Will: We had a great time, and thanks! I agree; one wouldn't have much to blog about if they never accomplished anything outside of the blog. That's a good opinion to have. :)