Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Not-Entirely-Downer Sunday

I have a bizarre feeling this post may turn out to be my first in the “filler” category for its complete lack of photos, but since I primarily used today to rest, I’m feeling refreshed and already set to blog again. I considered compiling a “to-do” list this morning for things I wanted to accomplish (a new habit I’m trying to pick up on), but really couldn’t foresee much activity in the day and thus few things to feel accomplished about. I ultimately decided to spend the day reading ahead in Sense and Sensibility, breaking as necessary to leave comments on friends’ blogs (had today not seemed lazy for my blog-feed as well).

Not to flaunt, but as at least a shocking fourteen of you have noticed, I’m now the proud owner of a Facebook page that links here and vice-versa. Will the Wombat, his human Wendy, and a few of their acquaintances have so kindly stopped by to welcome me and encourage me to keep up what I’m doing. From one of my new friends, Carrie, I learned that my blog has now been made available to some presumably stuffie-loving kids. I had been telling her that while I’m not exactly the best with the younger crowd (as my good friend and neighbor, Chalcie the leopard, is), I’m working toward becoming more personable with folks of all ages. I’m hoping that through both the Internet and any recent travels I may take, my people-skills will begin to shine a bit more.

Today Kath came to me with some news that put a considerable damper on my morning: she was planning to surprise me by taking me with her and some friends to the little bowling alley we have in Athens, but the plan fell through because one of the trip organizers suddenly fell ill to something strange. The group has decided, however, to postpone the trip exactly a week, assuming the one lady will have recovered somewhat. First Kath’s own complications, and now this, I thought! A traveling bunny can’t live at the mercy of sick people forever!

Still, I tried to maintain a glimmer of hope by picturing myself scattering some pins with Kath a week from now. I hear the bowling alley offers the typical fare of hot dogs (I can never find myself saying “frankfurters”) and nachos, and should Kath’s complications keep her on the sidelines, there’s a small selection of arcade games. It really seems like sort of a neat place to hang out and relieve any possible frustration. Have any of you stuffies bowled, perchance? I might get into the mood a little more easily knowing your own experiences.

All disappointment aside, the evening concluded on a positive note: Kath’s mom returned from the grocery store with all the necessities and then some (my favorite cranberry cocktail, animal crackers, and Twizzlers, to name a few), then the family all collapsed in the den to watch the new ABC Family made-for-TV movie Revenge of the Bridesmaids. Neither Kath nor I would exactly call ourselves chick-flick-goers, but it was honestly pretty alleviating to laugh at something with a simple plot and high predictability. I invited Prudence and Bean in about fifteen minutes into, and we all got to cut up watching the three main characters trash their childhood friend’s wedding. Sometimes it’s just plain good to laugh at things like that, I suppose.

I have absolutely no idea what’s in line for tomorrow, but I’d love to continue being able to post as often as I’ve been recently. Maybe as things pick up, I’ll work up to getting in more exciting posts. Right now, I’m just thankful to already have so many friends and supporters online and off, and I look forward to getting to know some of you better.

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  1. Hey Emmi! I'm glad to hear you had a restful Sunday, even if not getting to go bowling is kind of a bummer. I've never been bowling, myself. You'll have to let me know if its fun. Hope your group are all of good health in a week so you can go!