Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tube-free Is the Way to Be!


Nearly all day yesterday found Kath, her parents, and me back at Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville to (among other things) determine once and for all whether Kath’s bulky surgical apparatus was still necessary or in need of replacement. Of course, we were all desperately hoping against it, because she’s been so much enjoying her (and my) freedom to be out and about without having to worry about the tube being in the way. Since I knew we’d be sequestered about the hospital for the majority of the day, I thought I’d take the opportunity to get in some shots of the surroundings that were feeling more like “home” all the time. I loved this view from the waiting-room window of the little pavilion and fountain below.


None of us had the slightest idea of how long we would have to wait yesterday! Fortunately, Kath came prepared with my tote and a few things to keep us occupied, like a notebook of suggestions for regular features on the blog that I might consider trying. She’s suggested that when funds are a bit more in order, the gang and I should become frequent buyers and reviewers of things like bunny-sized clothing and furniture, posting our evaluations. Though I’m still a bit iffy on whether I’d ever like to have guest posts, her idea seemed one to take into consideration. I could always do some more shopping, and it might even be helpful to others in the Build-A-Bear size range.


When we were finally taken back for the consultation, little did any of us know the doctor would keep us waiting an hour and a half! There were fortunately several different things to keep me occupied in his office, like this monitor displaying examples of what medical terminology should and shouldn’t generally be used. I was able to take in quite a bit, should I ever be faced with the chance to flaunt my knowledge of radiology lingo. For those who can’t see, the white print reads, “Do not use ‘Q.D.’; instead use ‘every day’ or ‘daily.’” Must have had something to do with how often people were to take their prescriptions.


We all laughingly agreed that the next drawer must have been for the dirty ones.


The first shot of my new transport pod, just for posterity. It really is quite roomy, and sitting against the smaller side allows me a great view of everything we pass when Kath is carrying me. It’s a great way to people-watch.


As a special treat (though a bit unfortunate, because she wasn’t the most comfortable in the world when it was taken), I finally have a picture of Kath and me together to show you guys! She was a bit out-of-sorts about my posting this, because she says her hair could’ve looked better, but she finally consented. Here we are with the two nurses who helped us most notably, Collin and Barbara. Barbara and another nurse, Michelle, remembered me from the previous two times and agreed that since they had started the “tradition” of equipping me for the surgery, they had to once again follow through. Kath helped me adjust the hat and mask, and soon we were both set (albeit after having waited another three hours) to head into the operating room.


When Collin and another nurse wheeled us to the operating room, the ride was admittedly a little bumpy, and a couple of times he commented that the bed was harder than usual to maneuver. I guess there’s some comfort in knowing that the people caring for you share in your uneasiness and care enough to be concerned. I held really tightly to the rail all throughout and was quite relieved (at least momentarily) when we had reached the room.

In the operating room, we were greeted by three more nurses named Christie, Chrissie (who commented that if Kath called for either her or the former, both would most likely come running), and Valerie. Their job for the next hour was to assist the doctor in attempting to thread a wire into Kath’s problem area (again, not meaning to gross anyone out) to determine whether she still needed the tube. I kept constant vigil from the seat they had provided me, and while I can’t say I was particularly moved by anything I saw, I realized what finesse their job requires and appreciated their attention to each detail.

As the examination was winding down, I was the first to overhear the doctors discussing that Kath no longer needed the tube! I could feel my little satin heart racing and wished I could run right over to Kath right then, kindly slap her into consciousness, and tell her the news.


Here we are almost immediately after the procedure – still a little groggy, but all smiles and ready to slip back into the world! Since Kath’s dad was with us and his birthday had been a few days earlier, we were able to celebrate on multiple levels with a stop at Middle Tennessee’s finest counter-service Mexican eatery – Blue Coast Burrito – for some takeout. We hadn’t eaten since breakfast, so a ten-inch tortilla with grilled chicken, rice, and the works was just what the doctor (though I doubt from Vanderbilt) had ordered.


Everyone dug in when we reached Kath’s dad’s house! I must say that while I was thrilled to join the family for dinner, my seating arrangement could’ve done with a bit more planning. I’ve heard about the doll-and-medium-plush-sized “Treat Seats” that American Girl has offered in the past, and I’m beginning to think a secondhand one might be a worthwhile investment, though there’s still the issue of having to tote it around. Maybe they’re collapsible. If not, I now know of a great project to start should Kath and I take up woodworking!


  1. That's good news about the tube! And so nice of the hospital people to let you go with Kath to support her.

  2. Thanks, Sullivan! Honestly, they were all really kind to us both. :)

  3. Hey Emmi! That's great news about Kath and her tube! And I am so impressed by everyone in the hospital. It's wonderful that they were so kind to Kath, and especially that they were so accepting of a bunny companion. Kath is lucky to have you to accompany her. You're a great companion.

  4. Thank you very much, Will. Kath and I have always made a great team, and I certainly hope that won't ever change.

  5. Hi Emmi,
    I'm glad about how things turned out for Kath with her tube. Hope she will continue to get along without having to have one. Give her a hug from me.

  6. Hiya Buttons! Thanks so much for your kind words, and I'll definitely see to that hug! :)

  7. And another hug to Kathy from me too!!