Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Solitude Standing (and Sweltering)


So, you're wondering how we stay cool during these hot summer days at Parsnip?


Allow me to present the most downright despicable object in our house at-this-time: the thermostat. Yes, it's registering at 84 degrees inside the house! For you see, dear friends, the air conditioning has stopped. Flat-out. It won't be fixed until tomorrow afternoon. Almost every room is a sauna, and it seems no one has been able to pass the hall thermostat without a look of disdain.

I knew I wouldn't be able to tough it out for the day, especially if Kath's griping about her soaked hair was going to be any indication. I'm glad my fur requires little maintenance.

I had initially wanted to help Kath's family with a couple of errands this morning, but I held off because I'd gotten a late start from bed and caught word of some inclement weather. The latter apparently didn't stop Rhett and Elinor from wandering over to their office to work, so I haven't seen them all day. Even Miles has been keeping himself scarce, probably "hard at work" on some trifling project or another.

All that left was my roommate Prudence, who's usually an early riser and likes to stroll in the morning, and my so-called guardian angel Bean, who keeps a tight schedule but manages to see me sometimes.


After breakfast, I was expecting to find Prudence resting up in the back bedroom from her stroll, but instead found a note saying she was sure I wouldn't mind her excusing herself for the day because of the humidity. She's never been extremely clear in her notes to me, for some reason, but I was relatively certain I wouldn't object to whatever she might be doing.


So with the errands on hold, I thought I'd spend some time working out a few kinks in my computer's photo storage and editing software. Specifically, and largely inspired by one of Marlowe's older posts, I downloaded the Google Picasa software to organize all the prospective photos that will eventually go here. I like it a lot, and I'm finding the interface really navigable. In between messing around with the features, I sent a short note Will's way and tried to re-establish contact with Marlowe and Buttons by commenting on their latest posts. As I've said before, I always love having like-minded plush friends to talk to.



I also took aside some time to straighten up my dorm and make my bed feel a bit "homier." Kath helped out by contributing the clownfish towel (which is soft to the touch, so it works equally well as a comforter) and the nightstand (even if it is makeshift, as I'd been needing one). I'm quite pleased with the overall look for now, and hopefully it'll serve me until we find more things that are my size.


For a while, Kath and I couldn't decide whom the heat was bringing down more, and since we were stuck for things to do around the house, she suggested a mini photo-shoot. Since I'd always like more pictures of myself on hand, we followed through with great results. My personal favorite is the first one she took (seen at the top, just because I felt like it); I love the panoramic quality it has (if you consider part of a cramped bedroom panoramic, that is).


Solitude standing...


Which one do you think captures my best angle?



Later into the evening, Bean dropped by to see if she could be of any assistance. I jokingly asked her if she had learned anything concerning residential heating and cooling during her travels, but she quickly dismissed it, as though angels couldn't sense drastic changes in temperature. She and I discussed things for a while, which I suppose helped lighten my mood, and it didn't hurt that she was willing to share her vanilla soft-serve either.

Aside from the humidity, being home alone (for all practical purposes) hasn't been that bad. Tomorrow I've got to travel with the family to Nashville and offer Kath some bunny guidance at the doctor's. Here's hoping that all goes well...and that things cool down when we arrive back!

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  1. Hi Emmi! Congratulations on the renovations on your blog! Looks great and it's always great to meet another blogging stuffie. Good luck with the heat and I hope your air conditioning is fixed up soon. Nice pictures. And I am looking forward to hearing more about life in Parsnip. Keep us posted!

    - Will