Saturday, July 17, 2010

Taking It Easy


Sorry to say, it seems I’m adding once again to a series of photo posts from the confines of the bedroom floor. For whatever reason, there just haven’t been opportunities (outside of Kath’s commute to and from the hospital in Tennessee) to get out and explore the world as of late. Tell me, are not things such as friendly get-togethers, long drives to nowhere in particular, and evening strolls up and down the square; the stuff of which summer is made? I’ve always assumed so, but under the circumstances I’ve been inclined to think differently.

We’ve at least had some excitement at home earlier today, when Kath’s surgical apparatus suddenly dislodged itself into her hand while she was tending to it. She’s called the doctors and has been assured not to worry until her appointment on Wednesday, but her mom advised her to take things relatively easy for a while. I’ve been enjoying her company in the living room, listening to her read Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility aloud (despite that one of the main characters is named Elinor, and that I couldn’t help but be reminded of yesterday each time Kath mentioned her).


I also finally found time today to kick back on the bed and listen to Kath’s MP3 player that she so generously let me borrow. Our combined musical tastes are all over the map, but they fortunately overlap enough that we can listen to the same artists with minimal fuss. Her current selection covers quite a variety of eras, artists, and styles, from old-school female vocalists like Kate Bush and Marianne Faithfull, to indie experimentalists like Woods and Mumford & Sons.


While I do enjoy the “shuffle” feature as much as the next person, I’ve found myself gravitating more and more toward one particular album: Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros’ Up from Below. They may have only released it a little less than a year ago, but it seems their songs – you might be familiar with “Home” – have been spreading like wildfire across radio and TV. I love their “hippie-hipster” vibe and Gypsy overtones, and if Kath and I are lucky, we might be able to catch them live the next time they come to Nashville!


I know I’ve mentioned my brother Rhett Jasper on the blog earlier and alluded that he ran his own business, so imagine my surprise when I caught him meandering by Parsnip during his off-hours; I figured it would be as good a time as ever to introduce him. Rhett has always been the “golden child” of the family. He’s considerate and compassionate beyond words, and he has a knack for determining what others really need and seeing to it that those needs are met. But he’s also really fun-loving and wouldn’t pass up a chance to have a good time with friends, which is what makes his event planning business a perfect fit. To be specific, he’s the chairman of Hop, Skip and Jump Party Planners, Inc., a small enterprise with its branch currently located just outside our window. He and Elinor are already becoming quite popular among their selective clients, and I’m always happy to do my part by helping spread the word.


The pastime Rhett has always wanted to pursue in his spare time is recreational sailing, and though he hasn’t investigated any local opportunities as of late, he’s already dressing the part. He’ll sometimes even refer to the cardinal directions as “port”, “starboard”, and so on out of habit, which can quickly leave any non-boater in the dust. But generally speaking, we get along quite well for siblings two years apart, and I’m all for anything that would make him happy.


I made small talk with Rhett for several minutes over my music (fortunately, he speaks with such clarity that I don’t need to turn the volume down) before he went back to the grind for the evening. He always seems so cheerful, and it kind of makes me wonder exactly what about being stuffed in a cubicle outside the house all day brings him such joy. Then again, I’ve never been one to “whistle while I worked”, but I know that in the end satisfaction will come when a person applies himself – especially if the job is one you’re passionate about. I guess it’s okay to say that when Rhett’s happy, so am I.


  1. I hope you'll be able to go on a walk soon. And glad to read you and your brother get along. I've got four brothers myself and we all get along perfectly most of the times. Only when having to pick a movie to watch we sometimes argue.

  2. I'd like to see where you walk, too!!

  3. Hey guys, thanks for the comments!

    Sullivan: Whew, four brothers? I would imagine that even without much sibling rivalry, you all still keep your human's head spinning!

    Beanie: Oh my gosh, you wouldn't believe what beautiful walking areas we have near Parsnip that I haven't even gotten to explore. I'm trying my hardest to find time to get out!

  4. Hi Emmie!

    Sorry to hear you're stuck in the house for now. We haven't wandered anywhere in a WEEK either (the doll store doesn't count. Nothing's happened there since the zombie hunters)

    You and Kath have great taste in music. I like Kate Bush quite a bit, myself. And I am listening to this "Home" song on Youtube right now. I like their groove.

    Anyway, hope your human is okay, even with surgical apparatus problems. And I hope you get to do some wandering soon!